Sketching Days

Sketching Days 2021 - 9.30am to 12.30 pm


Wednesday 12th May – The Trundle


The Trundle is an Iron Age hill fort on St Roche’s Hill about 3 miles north of Chichester. Fortunately you can drive to the car park near the top and see the lovely views.


Wednesday 16th June – Chichester Allotments


Going earlier to the allotments gives us an opportunity to see many of the flowers and vegetables at their best.

Access to the allotments is at the end of Little Breach, off St Paul’s Road, where parking is available.

Please bring your own refreshment. Unlike previous years we may not be able to use the toilets at Scope.

Wednesday 14th July – Priory Park

Keeping it local Priory Park has some nice spots to sit and sketch. Hopefully it won’t be too busy as the children will still be at school. Toilets and refreshments are available here.

Wednesday 18th August – Dell Quay


Boats and things nautical always seem to be popular with artists so thought we would include Dell Quay, hopefully the sky will be blue. From Chichester take the first exit at Stockbridge Roundabout on to Stockbridge Road and continue, you will see a sign on the left indicating Dell Quay on the right, turn right into Dell Quay Road and follow to the end.



Due to Coronavirus we have a shortened programme this year and we are limited to groups of 6, although we can have more that one group, please remember the social distancing rules when we meet. Sharon Dean will be at each location at 9.30am looking out for you.